Last Update on May 16, 2006
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PDA Stuff

Palm devices used to be the best PDA devices available.  This has changed with time as new smart phones emerged such as the iPhone.  Back when the Palm operating system was king  I wrote some applications for the my old Palm using a variety of languages such as Plua, and OnBoard C, which unlike Plua does not require a runtime making your application a standalone.  OnBoard also allows you to write your program on the hamdheld device itself or on the desktop, which is very convenient.   I will tell you how to freely download all those programs later.
Here is the AnovaMe application (left) that I wrote using OnBoard C.  I wrote this application while attending a statistics course a few years back.  The result is this nifty little application that can do all the basic statistical calculations.  Of course I would have liked it to do much more than that but I was restricted with memory limitations, so I gave up on the more complex stuff and my ambition dwindled.

Actually the very first Palm application I wrote was the MortgageCalc (right), which calculates the mortgage payments for any loan, and it displays the amortization schedule as well.  In addition, it allows you to explore how prepayments shorten the term of the mortgage and what savings can be achieved.  I posted this application on, as well as, and  It is becoming very popular.  You can download it for free from any of those sites.

The applications that I found most useful that I use them all the time are organized by the following categories (there are equivalent applications now in iPhone that I use):

  • DateDiff - Calculates the number of days between any two dates.
  • HappyDays - Reminds you of birthdays and important anniversaries, a life saver.
  • NFP - Keeps track of women's menstrual periods.
  • PrayMind - Keeps track of prayer times, and gives the direction to Mecca based on the sun.
  • SpWatch - Stop watch.
  • WatchM - Alarm clock.
  • World Clock - Native application that came with the palm device.
  • WorldCal - Converts Gregorian dates to many other calender systems.
  • AutoBase - Keeps track of your car's fuel consumption, oil change, tire rotation and maintenance expenses.
  • CMajor - Illustrates the different musical chords and plays them.
  • DataViewer - Database program.  I have the phone code areas and the airport codes.
  • DB - A flexible database program.  I use it to track my vacations and my books.
  • HandyShpr - Nice program that is useful for making shopping lists.
  • Inventory - I use it to track all things I buy from eBay.
  • JFile 4 - Database program.  I have the medical drug names database and foods' calories database.
  • McRecipe - I use it to save my food recipes.
  • MovieStuff - I use it to track the movies I own.
  • SecureIt - Encrypted database to store your passwords and other secret information.
  • Checkbook - I use it to record all money transactions.  Very useful to keep track of your finances on the computer.
  • Chem Table - Table of elements.
  • Easy Calc - Nice scientific calculator with plotting capability.
  • LyMe - Nice free version of Matlab on your PDA.
  • Plua - Programming language.  I used it to write the MortgageCalc application.
  • ProStats - Nice shareware statistics program.  Very powerful.
  • SnapCalc5 - a handy pop-up calculator that you can use without quitting your current application.
  • Docs to go - Allows you to read and edit Word documents and Excel sheets.
  • fDic - A dictionary that gives you all words that have certain letters for a given length.  Useful for solving cross word puzzles.
  • Memos - Native palm memos application.
  • NoahLite - Free lite dictionary.
  • Palm Quran - The whole Quran in Arabic.
  • PalmPDF - Allows you to read pdf files.  Very handy.
  • PalmReader - Allows you to read Palm documents.
  • Plucker - Allows you to download websites for offline reading.
  • SrcEdit - Nice editor for doc type documents
  • TiBR - Similar to PalmReader.
  • HandChess II - Nice and powerful chess game,
  • MasterMind - The famous mastermind game.
  • PilotMines - The famous Mines game.
  • Prison - A very nice addictive game.  Really good.
  • Sea War  MP - Blow the enemy's fleet.
  • Sol Free - Nice free solitaire card game.
  • Mapopolis - A free map reader.  You have to buy the county maps you need, typcically $10 per map.
  • MetrO - Metro stations' maps for many cities around the world.
  • VisitIt - USA map with some details of the different states.
  • VersaMail - Native mail program that allows you to download your POP3 mail from your computer.
  • Converter - Converts units for any quantity.
  • DivDiv - Tip calculator.
  • FileZ - Manager for all your palm files.
  • Photos - Displays photos downloaded from the computer.
  • RealOne - MP3 player.
  • RsrcEdit - Editor for the plam data files.
  • VoiceMemo - Native program to record voice memos.
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