Last Update on May 21, 2006
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Digital Music

guitar.gifMusic programs such as Orchestra or Apple's GarageBand allow you to make music easily either creatively, or by simply playing the notes from a sheet music.  Here are some MIDI files that I created using the program Orchestra and my Yamaha synthesizer:

  • Canon:  This is Pachelbel's Canon in D Minor.  In this file I played two different tracks on top of each other, piano and strings.  I recorded the composite music as a MIDI file.  I got the piano notes from a sheet music off the internet.
  • Rondo:  This Motzart's Rondo piece on the piano.  I got the notes from a sheet music off the internet.  Some of the fast parts I played them slowly and then played them faster using the Metronome feature (nice trick eh?).
  • Favorite:  These are few of my favorite things.  remember this song from the Sound of Music?  I have a recording of it with me singing on top of the piano music but you will need the program Orchestra to hear that one.
  • Greensleeves:  Here is another piece for you.
  • Symp40:  How about Mozart's 40th symphony?  It's all easy with MIDI.

piano1.gifI also tried Apple's Garage Band which is very powerful.  I started playing Reflection of My Life by The Mermalades but haven't finished it yet.  I exproted the file into iTunes, which saved it as a file with .aif extension.  It can be played using QuickTime Player.  I used guitar, strings, organ and trumpets in composing this piece of music, I hope you like it.
Music is inherently digital and therefore it can easily be reproduced with modern software tools.  The composers of the past used did not have the modern digital tools to compose their music, and yet they produced their master pieces. Could they have done even better with the modern tools?  I guess we will never find out.

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